Giving Back To Our Community

Posted by Gregory Hergert on

Gregory and his wife Robin ( myself ) made a 1 year commitment to feed the homeless in our own community every Sunday - we chose Sunday's because in our part of the city, there are not services available and often the meal we pass out are often times the only meals they get that day.

We also feed their pets and as I write this blog, we have just completed week 27 and have passed out 3,333 brown bag lunches and pet food meals and other supplies.  Here are a few images of Gregory with some of the amazing people we have met, who unfortunately are homeless but they are still part of our community. 

You can see the influence of being out in the camps and on the streets of Portland begin to have an influence in Greg's current art and it really emphasises the Urban Surrealism moods in his paintings.  Included is one painting of a road warrior we met along our journey.  ~ undergroundrobin

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    xrnarjaelj on
  • Your website carries through as powerfully and clearly as your paintings. Bravo

    Nathalie Tierce on

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