Urban Surrealism - The Definition

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Urban Surrealism  - The Definition 

Urban Surrealism Art exposes the side of city life no one wants to see and we all try to hide yet we yearn to take a sneak peek as it is hidden behind the blue tarp, hiding the true under-belly of life on the streets.  By removing the tarp, you are now exposed to the day to day life of people and animals of the city and everything related to it.  The grit, the dirt, the tartness of dark side of city life.   

Graffiti on vacant rundown buildings, broken down cars on cinder blocks.  Freeways overpasses that people live under in the darkness, their shopping carts overflowing what is left of their possessions, covered with blue tarps protecting what little they still have.  Dark alleyways littered with used needles, where the animals of the night slither around corners looking for their next meal, dumpsters filled to the brim with rotting garbage, a smell lingering in the air that only the flies can take. 

The sounds of car horns blaring as women whose dresses are too short and shoes to high run across street against traffic lights, people yelling at each other as a dog is barking frantically to get their attention, the faint music in the background from someone playing a guitar for spare change.  It is the sound of a basketball going through a hoop whose net is no longer there and teenagers cheering.  A drug deal going down with the blaring of a police siren in the back ground going the other direction. 

That is the essence of Urban Surrealism. Words by undergroundrobin

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