March is roaring in like a Lion!

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This year is already flying by and we are just now starting March. With such a full 2019, I wasn’t sure what to expect for 2020 but it appears that I will be spending a good part of the first half of this year trying to stay ahead of show deadlines. As I have said in the past, I won’t complain, better to be too busy than to be getting caught up on all the yard work with my wife. The lengths I will go through to avoid yard work! Ha!

I had the honor of being interviewed by fellow artist Chris Pothier late in the summer 2019 and he sent me recently a copy of the video interview, check out the video above. I talk about how I started as an illustrator and then eventually an artist and why I felt compelled to start Urban Surrealism art movement. I hope you enjoy watching.

Next, I'm sharing two new paintings I created for upcoming shows:

Bloc Chain painting by Gregory Hergert

BLOC CHAIN (above) is for an ad in Hi-Fructose Magazine promoting the Post Digital Pop Group Show in Portland, OR, opening May 1st at Brassworks Gallery. I had a lot of fun creating this painting and driving the curator undergroundrobin crazy wondering if I would finish in time. For those of you who don’t know, undergroundrobin is my wife, so it is always fun to poke the bear sometimes to get her back for nagging me about deadlines, boy I hope she doesn’t read this.

Rat Fink painting by Gregory Hergert

RAT FINK (above) was created for the 2-person show I am in with artist Glenn Barr. This painting will be in another ad for Hi-Fructose Magazine along with the painting created by Glenn Barr promoting our show 'Concrete & Flesh' opening June 5th at Brassworks Gallery. There will also be another ad in Juxtapoz Magazine promoting the show.

The Spider Story by Gregory Hergert

This week’s funny note I found a furry little spider in the sink and my wife told me to put the spider outside, insisting I do not kill the spider, where I informed her I don’t kill spiders. After taking some pictures of the little furry guy, my wife, once again, insist I take the spider outside. I told her no, this was his home. Growing impatient with me she asked me if I put the spider outside yet. No, I put him in the plant. "What plant?" she asked. The one on the stand by the window cause he looks like a guy who wants to live in the woods, I said, so I moved him to the plant, or aka "the woods". Shaking her head and walking off, she mutters under her breath, "Of course you did, why would we put him outside when you can simply move him to 'the woods'..."

Glad she sees it my way! Ha!

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