A Month of Change

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Hello everyone — what a difference 30 days makes. When my last post was written, we were still going to our studios, gyms, and out for a bite to eat. Now, most of us have moved to cooking our own meals at home, strolling, jogging, or biking in our own neighborhoods, and creating makeshift studios in our homes, garages, shops, or in my case the guest bedroom.

So, this weekend is dedicated to converting a very full guest bedroom at the other end of our house, far from where my wife’s now home office is, into a temporary artist studio for myself.

This has been quite the task because we also used the guest room for our homeless donation storage and Goodwill Bins treasure shopping “palace”, where Robin and I would safely store our treasures until we found the perfect place in the house to put them on display.

In the evenings at our home, Robin’s obsession when I am on Instagram is looking on 'Offer Up' for more treasures. When she finds something she feels we need (a.k.a. she has to have), 50% of time when we take it home she decides she's not sure if she likes it anymore. Thus, it ends up in the guest bedroom until at some point when she isn’t paying attention, I like to swap out the item in our home with something that I am not that fond of to see how long it takes for her to notice the change. Yes, half the fun of married life is teasing your other half on a regular basis.

Since Robin has been working from home for a month, she assures me that our 5 cats will not be a problem… hmm… in her office she can just put them on the floor if they jump on her desk. I am not looking forward to removing paint-covered paw prints from our hardwood floors, walls, or furniture. However, she assures me that they spend a great deal of the day sleeping… we shall see. She has also reminded me that the guest room has a door and perhaps I should use it, and to not worry what the cats are doing.

So, on that note, last night we hung lighting in my makeshift studio, took down all curtains, pulled up all the blinds for maximum lighting and moved about 80% of the items to our downstairs, including the guest bed. Today, we will remove the remaining items and go to my real studio to collect supplies, panels, brushes, paint, computers and reference materials to bring home.

I am busily preparing for the Post Digital Pop group show that opens May 1st, as well as the Flesh & Concrete show, which is a 2-person show with myself and Glenn Barr opening June 5th, both hosted by Brassworks Gallery. A few virtual art show opportunities have come my way as well, which I will be promoting in more detail soon.

Be safe, everyone. Hunker down, create, work, eat well, get some exercise, and please remember to wash your hands.

Cheers, Greg

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