2019... Whew... What a year!

Posted by Gregory Hergert on

Grand Prix
2019 was a big year for me regarding my art. I had one of the busiest show years in my career as an artist and I loved being fortunate enough to be asked to be in all the shows.  One of my many show highlights for me this year was "In The Valley Of She" where I hung my art on the wall alongside some really amazing artists at Brassworks Gallery.    
I was also very grateful to be featured in Hey!  Art Magazine  with an interview on why I created the Urban Surrealism art movement that featured several of my Urban Surrealism pieces.  I was also interviewed for Ladder &  Key where they did a 10 point profile and featured then my most recent Urban Surrealism art.
With the help of my wife and partner, Robin aka undergroundrobin, OK I won't lie, I was no help other than making the art,  we completed 2 big goals, - my website & online store was finally put together and launched, something I have attempted for years to do but never found the time to complete, I would much rather create art then figure out how to promote it.  The other goal that happened in 2019 was the publication of my first art book.  Urban Surrealism, The Art of Gregory Hergert.   The was achieved by the drive of Robin and designer Hilary Thompson who works for a local publishing company here in Portland OR - putting those two together, made the book possible and hopefully future art books. 
Finally - in 2019, Robin and I embarked on a journey to pass out meals, supplies, pet meals to Portland Oregon's homeless, as you may or may not know, Portland is number 4 in the nation regarding it's homeless population.  We passed out over 10,000 meals and everything else the homeless needed and all this was done with the giving hearts of fellow artist, family and our community who donated meals, supplies and cash donations.  We shared our stories each week regarding the people we met and it really opened my eyes and changed how I personally viewed the crisis.  It was was of the hardest yet rewarding things I have embarked on and I met some truly amazing people who just unfortunately happened to be homeless.   Here is a link to one of our social media stories.
Needless to say, 2019 was a big year and 2020 appears to be headed on a similar path.   I hope I can keep up creating the art that keeps me on this pace on your radar.  
Cheers, Greg

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